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3 Ways to Connect with Your Partner After Baby

When my clients talk about the joys and challenges of new parenthood, a common theme comes up – isolation. There’s no secret about it – Togetherness looks completely different after baby. Before baby, we can plan for togetherness with our partners – activities, dates, vacations. We can anticipate opportunities to connect with one another. For…

Mother’s Day: It’s Complicated and That’s Okay

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. For many, it’s an exciting day. Maybe it’s your first Mother’s day as a mama and maybe that’s exciting and something to celebrate. Maybe you and your partner are preparing something special to celebrate your journey into Motherhood and you can’t wait. I’m not a mother, yet. I’d…

How to Handle Stress While Pregnant

woman holding her pregnant belly

Most of us experience stress here and there. It’s normal. In fact, in the United States, 77% of people frequently experience physical symptoms of stress, while 73% routinely experience stress-causing psychological symptoms. And in your case, you’re growing a baby inside of you—who wouldn’t be a little stressed? Every emotion is heightened when pregnant (thanks,…