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What to Know About Being Pregnant During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Pregnant woman in sunshine

Along with everyone else in the world you’re probably worried about coronavirus and COVID-19 (the latter being the disease caused by this novel coronavirus). But unlike many others, you may be a little more anxious since you’re pregnant.  Pregnancy comes with its own set of discomforts: morning sickness, fatigue, stretch marks, heartburn, back pain, mood…

Embrace Motherhood Panel

In the extraordinary days and weeks after birth, baby still wants and needs to be snuggled in close, reassured by the steady beat of your heart. We created the Ergobaby Embrace especially for this golden bonding time, when the outside world fades away and the new journey of parenthood begins. ,To celebrate the launch of this newborn…

How to Handle Stress While Pregnant

woman holding her pregnant belly

Most of us experience stress here and there. It’s normal. In fact, in the United States, 77% of people frequently experience physical symptoms of stress, while 73% routinely experience stress-causing psychological symptoms. And in your case, you’re growing a baby inside of you—who wouldn’t be a little stressed? Every emotion is heightened when pregnant (thanks,…