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9 Work from Home Tips During Summer Vacation

“Summer’s presented as a vacation. It’s like a three-month vacation for nobody but children.” – Jim Gaffigan Jump to a Section: Sensory Bins Baths Visible Schedule for Whole Family Reserve Screen Time Mom Swap Plan Time With Kids Every Day Plan One Fun Activity Every Week Make Time for YOU Every Day Flexibility Summer “vacation”…

Let’s Talk Aerloom

“We have identified five areas we believe we have a responsibility to work on that will help build a better future for our children: sustainability; diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI); education and science; giving back; and people and policy…Why are we doing it? Because it’s the right thing to do–for the people we serve, and…

10 Postpartum Nutrition and Exercise Tips for You and Baby

Eat a healthy postpartum diet. Know what you need to consume more of. Know what foods to limit or avoid. Keep track of your calories. Eat to fuel your body, not to lose weight. Stay hydrated. Walk as a form of daily exercise. Take advantage of at-home workouts. Push through. Don’t go at it alone….

9 Things You Want to Know About Babies Sleeping in Baby Carriers

You spent 9 months (give or take) carrying your baby 24/7. Your baby spent those 9 months safely and snugly against you. It’s not surprising that many babies’ favorite way to sleep during the fourth trimester[1] is being held by their mom! Who wouldn’t sleep soundly in the cozy confines of their mom? Your baby…