Teal Baby CarrierAt Ergobaby, we are always on the look out for for bloggers to participate in our guest blogger program.  We are in search of bloggers across a variety of subjects and levels of participation.  Guest posts should revolve around our product-centric lifestyle.  There are so many different and varied things you can do with your carrier…it becomes a part of the family.  It’s this product-centric lifestyle that enables you to be the parent you want to be.  And we want to share that with everyone!



Happy Parenting, Happy Baby
General parenting tips (We welcome all parenting philosophies & styles), Baby style, Showers, Birth stories, Breastfeeding, Stay-at-home Moms or Dads, New Moms or Dads, Must have lists, DIY tips & projects, Cloth diapering, Green/Eco-friendly & organic living…

Well Fed Family
Recipes for parents, babies and toddlers, Cooking together, Other food adventures…

Enjoy the Ride!
Babies out & about, Travel, Vacations, Cruises, Cross-country road trips, Your lifestyle wearing baby, How I…while wearing baby, Photo heavy posts welcomed…

Fitness, Yoga, Meditation, Walking groups, Books (for little ones and parents), Work vs. Home life…

The Great Outdoors
Hiking, Camping, Fishing, Walking, Getting outside with baby…

We are Family
Perspectives from Grandma & Grandpa or other family members, Gay parenting, Co-parenting, Special needs, Adoptive families, Blended families, Single parent families, Military families, Mamas who Inspire, Papas who Inspire…

Rules and other legal stuff:

  • Posts should be 500-1000 words.
  • All relevant links should be included in post.
  • Posts already published on your blog are ok, we will link back to the original post.
  • Ergobaby will review all content and may need to make edits before your post goes live.
  • Ergobaby reserves the right to decline any content we deem inappropriate, or not in line with the company’s values and visitor needs. This may include adult content, affiliate links, and any other off-topic content.
  • We reserve the right to deny any submission, but will work closely with guest bloggers to ensure their long term success in our program.
  • All content you provide becomes the property of Ergobaby. We reserve the right to edit the content at any time.
  • Ergobaby reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.
  • Open to US bloggers only, please as our site does not ship internationally.  For more information about international, please click here, and the contacts are listed under the International tab.


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