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Moms constantly tell us that their babies fall asleep in the carrier.

"I can go out even during nap time knowing my babe will fall asleep in the ergo!" [email protected]

"It's been our little guy's kryptonite! he falls out fast when he's tired!;) my husband & I both use our ergo & love it!!!" [email protected]

"Mine loves to nap in the carrier! Inward facing, back carrying, on a walk or in the house. #thanksergo" [email protected]

"The only place my baby boy sleeps while travelling or away from home." [email protected]

"The ergo saved my life for naps for more than 9 months." [email protected]

"My LO loves it... He naps longer in it.. And when hes super fussy and clingy its the only way i can get things done" [email protected]

"I can NEVER leave home without our ergo! It is the ONLY place my baby is happy and will nap."
[email protected]

"Our Ergo has carried all 3 of our precious girls on many many adventures.... Our newest addition falls asleep in it everyday now, and I don't know what I'd do without it. It's like her second home."
[email protected]

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