He’s asleep!


Location: Ladera Ranch, CA

How many of your children did you wear in your carrier?


What was baby's favorite activity in the carrier?

Sleeping close to your heart

Describe your Ergobaby life in three words

Get some rest

Our first son was an awesome sleeper – 12 hours per night right out of the gate. Parenting is easy right? Nope, it was a trap! When our second son came along, he wouldn’t sleep a wink. We’d spend 30 minutes putting him down and he’d wake again after 15 minutes. This went on for hours – every night for months.

Our only saving grace was our Ergobaby. Two minutes in the carrier and he was OUT. Once we discovered this, our live improved dramatically. With our secret weapon, we could put him in the Ergo, take a quick walk around the neighborhood and then go about our evenings with a snuggly baby on the chest.

Eventually, he was “living” in the carrier – we even donated our stroller since it never got taken from the trunk! He continued to love being in the Ergo until he was about 3. And by that time, his older brother was able to carry him!

January 10, 2020
January 15, 2020