I could not have done it without my carrier!


Location: Los Angeles

How many of your children did you wear in your carrier?


What was baby's favorite activity in the carrier?

Sleeping close to your heart

With both my children, using my Ergobaby carrier quickly became my solution to soothe, entertain, put baby to sleep or simply allow me to finish something that required me to be hands free. The beauty of the carrier is that it allows you to do SO MANY things while feeling completely connected to your baby. One trick that worked great for me was folding laundry standing up. The motion would immediately calm him down. Vacuuming was also a good one, because of the white noise. Those first few weeks you wonder how you can even go to the grocery store. The Ergo came through again. And later, once she could face out, the store became a wonderful way to experience things together. When my first trip came up, I wondered how I could possibly get through security lines and the through the hussle of airports. Once again, the ergo made it possible and dare I say somewhat fun (at times) 😉 But the very best part is having your baby so close to you. Everyone is happy. All this to say that I really cannot imagine getting through all the firsts together without my ergo. It was a godsend and all good things should be shared. Pictured: 2016 – Original Organic Carrier – Dark Cocoa.

January 15, 2020