Where did these tears come from?


Location: Chantilly, VA

How many of your children did you wear in your carrier?


What was baby's favorite activity in the carrier?

Soothed by being close to you

Describe your Ergobaby life in three words

favorite baby memory

This Ergo meant the world to me and my boys throughout their babyhood. It helped us through colic, sleep regressions, Europe, grocery stores, walks through the neighborhood, cities, the beach, hikes, managing toddler + baby and more. I’ve cooked dinner wearing a baby, nursed, bounced with a babe everywhere you could imagine – on my front and my back. My husband also loved taking his turn wearing and bonding with our boys. For an active, adventurous family, our Ergobaby carrier allowed us to figure out our new normal while teaching our kids about wanderlust. We loved it so much that we’ve upgraded to the preschool version. I didn’t expect to get emotional but I love that I was asked for its story. Enjoy! Parenthood is HARD. I won’t advise you to love and savor every minute, but I will remind you that the hard parts will pass. Cheers!

July 7, 2020