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Location: Elk Rapids, Michigan

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Exploring the world together

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Traveling the World

When my first daughter was 8 months old we moved from Los Angeles to Northern Ireland, where my husband is from. I received the carrier as a gift at a baby shower my husband’s job threw for him. I primarily used my Ergobaby when we traveled, because I frequently flew alone with my daughter. It gave me the opportunity to carry her “hands free”, without hauling a stroller and without having to remove her even for security which was awesome, especially when I was on my own. When I had my second baby I could push one stroller and carry one child. We flew between Michigan and Northern Ireland countless times with the carrier, and to Hawaii, Florida, all across the world. When her sister was born, I used the Ergo to travel as well but also to keep her close around the house because she never wanted me to set her down. I was so sad when the girls grew out of it. They’re 5 and 8 now and it’s wonderful to have bigger kids but I still miss those baby days. When I pulled the carrier out of storage, there was still a pacifier stuck inside the pocket. It made me really sad to let it go, but I saw the ever love program and I was pleased to see that another family could continue having adventures together using the same carrier. I hope the next family has as many wonderful adventures with their littles ones that we did.

December 4, 2020
February 11, 2022