Joys of parenthood

Robison Family

Location: Sterling, VA

How many of your children did you wear in your carrier?


What was baby's favorite activity in the carrier?

Sleeping close to your heart

Describe your Ergobaby life in three words

Comfortable, simple, fun

In those first few weeks with a newborn, especially the first, you can’t imagine setting down your baby. Then as you become more brave and you settle into parenthood, you realize you need to move, chop vegetables and scoop the litter box but your baby wants you to hold them and you want to hold your baby. It was week 3 when these realities struck our family with our first child and I was so thankful for my Ergo! With the simplicity of a lift and pull my sweet babe was snuggled on me and I was outside getting some steps and inside prepping meals again. Then boom, a few years later, my little one is a toddler and baby number 2 enters our world, reminding me how incredibly small they start. We then more than even before were amazed with how amazing our carrier was! Forget being hands free for adulting, I needed to be able to snuggle my newest baby and chase after my toddler, or hold my baby while I kissed knee boo boos on my big girl. Thank you Ergo for giving me the ability to easily hold both my children at the same time when being a parent of two was so very new!