180 Stroller

180 Stroller FAQs

  1. What are the key features?
    The biggest feature that makes the 180 different is the Reversible Handlebar. Bonding with your baby happens easily & naturally in a carrier.  For those moments when parents prefer using a stroller, being able to look and speak & bond with your baby is important.  And so is keeping your baby facing away from the sun, wind and rain.  Most reversible strollers are heavy and need you to remove the baby and lift the seat to change position- the 180 has a handlebar that flips easily so you can quickly change position without disturbing baby. The second 'big thing' about the 180 is the weight. It weighs 20 lbs., which puts it in the rare category of being both full-featured AND lightweight. The third key feature of the 180 is the one-hand fold. Moms and dads have their hands full, so it's important that their stroller can fold quickly & simply while they hold baby in one arm. The 180 can also stand up when folded to make it clean and easy to store in a closet or to load it into the back of a car.
  2. Does the Stroller have an adjustable handlebar?
    You bet it does.
  3. Does the stroller recline?
    Sure does. The recline strap is located in the seat back pocket, and allows the seat to lie back near-flat.
  4. What's this 4 Wheel Steering? feature?
    You know how your favorite suitcase lets all 4 wheels move independently? Most strollers are front-wheel steering only. But all the 180's wheels can be 'front wheels' at any given time, so this means you can choose from 4-wheel steering or you can lock the two back wheels for traditional 'front-wheel steering'. On smooth/flat surfaces, like a store or the mall, 4-wheel steering gives you incredible maneuverability, and we've found it's amazing at navigating the tight clothing racks and store aisles. We recommend traditional front-wheel steering on any surface that has a slope or bumps though, to give you the extra control that Front-Wheel Steering provides.
  5. What is "Summer Mode"?
    Moms told us they worry about it getting hot for their babies while they're napping in the Summer, so we added all-mesh side walls to the stroller to keep the breeze flowing during Summer naps. The mesh side walls are covered with canvas fabric when you don't want the breeze, but they're there when the temperatures rise.
  6. Where is the 180 Stroller available?
    At launch, the Stroller will be available at buybuyBaby and Ergobaby.com
  7. How much will the Stroller Cost?
    The 180 Reversible Stroller will retail at $299.99
  8. What Accessories are available for the 180?
    The 180 Reversible Stroller has the following available accessories:
    • Child Snack Tray
    • Weather Shield
    • Comfort Cushion (birth to 18 months)
    • Car Seat Adapter: Graco®/Chicco®
    • Car Seat Adapter: Britax®
    • Car Seat Adapter: Nuna®/Cybex®
  9. What makes the comfort cushion appropriate for newborns?
    The Comfort Cushion was designed by our Maui design team- the same team that designs our carriers. They know babies, and they know that newborn babies need extra support. The Comfort Cushion was designed to cocoon baby in an ergonomic M-shape leg position for the first few months of strolling. It's adjustable, so it adapts to your baby as she grows. The comfort cushion also includes a head and neck support piece that can be used from birth to 18 months to support baby's head while napping.
  10. What Car Seats is the 180 compatible with?
    With the optional Car Seat Adapter (sold separately), the 180 Reversible Stroller is compatible with most Graco® Infant Car Seats, including Snugride® Click Connect™ 30, 30LX, 35, 35LX, 40 and Snugride® Snuglock™ Infant Car Seats. It's also compatible with most Chicco® Infant Car Seats, including KeyFit® and KeyFit® 30, KeyFit® 30 Magic, KeyFit® 30 Zip. The Britax® Car Seat Adapter is compatible with BOB® B-Safe 35, Britax® B Safe 35, Britax® B Safe 35 Elite and Britax® B Safe 35 Elite XE Infant Car Seats. The Nuna®/Cybex® Car Seat Adapter is compatible with Nuna® Pipa, Nuna® Pipa Lite, Cybex® Aton, Cybex® Aton 2, and Cybex® Aton Q.
  11. How much does the Stroller weigh?
    The Stroller weighs 20 lbs.
  12. Will this fit in my trunk?
    Sure will. The 180 Reversible Stroller folds surprisingly compact, and stands when folded, so you'll have plenty of room to spare in your trunk, or your closet or wherever you decide to store the stroller.
  13. What's the age-weight range for the Stroller?
    The Stroller is usable from birth (with car seat adapter or comfort cushion) to 50 lbs.
  14. What is the storage capacity of the Stroller?
    The maximum weight allowed in the Storage Basket is 20 lbs. The maximum weight allowed in the seat-back pocket is 3 lbs.
  15. Is there a Travel Bag available?
    We do not offer a Travel Bag for the 180 Reversible Stroller at this time, but the Stroller does fit in the JL Childress, Black Stroller Carrier and Travel Bag for Standard/Dual Strollers, which is available at buybuyBaby and buybuybaby.com for $34.99. The SKU # is 15289554.
  16. Is the 180 Stroller usable from birth?
    Yes, the 180 Stroller is usable from birth. Because the seat is large enough to accommodate a child up to 50 pounds though, we recommend using the comfort cushion for babies under 6 months old for optimal comfort.