Metro Compact City Stroller

Metro Compact City Stroller FAQs

  1. Are the tires puncture free?
    The tires are made of rubber and are not air filled, so they are puncture resistant and never go flat.
  2. Are the stroller fabrics Machine Washable?
    The Metro Seat Pad is machine washable. The rest of the fabric on the stroller can be spot cleaned.
  3. Does the Metro Stroller have suspension?
    Yes the Metro stroller uses a spring suspension system.
  4. Is the Metro with the white and blue details on the frame/stroller base also available with the black and grey sunshade?
    No, the pop blue frame is only available with the blue sunshade.
  5. Is the handlebar adjustable?
    No, the handlebar is not adjustable. The handlebar is 39.4” high, from the ground.
  6. How many recline positions does Metro have?
    The Metro utilizes an infinite recline strap, so the seat can be reclined in many positions.
  7. Does the stroller have an adjustable leg support?
    Yes, the leg rest adjusts to 4 positions, including one completely flat.
  8. Is there a rain cover that can be used with the stroller?
    Yes, Ergobaby makes a rain cover specifically for the Metro Compact City Stroller, which can be purchased as an accessory.
  9. What is the weight of Metro?
    Metro 2019 weighs 14.5 lbs, Metro 2020 weighs 14.9 lbs.
  10. What is the age-weight range of the Stroller?
    Metro 2019 can be used from birth up to 40 lbs.
    Metro 2020 can be used from 3 months up to 50 lbs. A lie-flat, parent-facing newborn kit is now available to use from birth.
    For added support, the 180 Comfort Cushion can be used in the Metro Stroller for babies between 0 and 6 months old
  11. Is the leg rest adjustable?
    Yes, the Metro Stroller leg rest can be adjusted in 4 different positions.
  12. Does Metro have a fold lock?
    Yes, the Metro Stroller has a manual fold lock, which keeps the stroller closed when folded.
  13. What is the un-folded size of Metro?
    34.3” L x 17.3” W x 41” H
  14. What is the seat depth?
    10.24” from the crease of the seat to the adjustable leg rest bend.
  15. What is the maximum angle the seat backrest can be reclined?
    The maximum angle of Metro’s recline is around 145 degrees.
  16. What is the height of the seatback?
    The seatback is 17” from crease to top of the seatback, there is an additional 5.9” of headroom above the edge of the seatback.
  17. What is the upright angle of the seat backrest?
    The upright seat angle is around 105 degrees.
  18. How wide is the Metro seat?
    The seat is 13” wide.
  19. What is the weight limit for the storage basket?
    The Metro storage basket can hold 10 lbs of weight.
  20. What is the folded size of Metro?
    20.5” x 17.3” x 9.1”
  21. What fabrics are used on the Metro Stroller?
    There are a number of different fabrics on the Metro Stroller, all 100% polyester: textured knit for a smooth, cool seat, an interlock knit sunshade, and a wipeable polyester in the storage basket and mesh on the basket sides.
  22. What is the Metro frame made of?
    The frame is made from aircraft aluminum and tough nylon plastics. Some joints of the stroller are also reinforced with steel inserts for extra strength and durability.
  23. What are Metro's tires made from?
    Metro's tires are made of smooth and durable Polyurethane Rubber.
  24. Does the included rain cover have PVC in it?
    No, the rain cover accessory is PVC-free and can be purchased separately.
  25. Can I store the backpack in the stroller when not needed?
    Yes, the carry bag fits perfectly in Metro's seat-back pocket.
  26. Is the backpack included with the stroller?
    No, the backpack-style carry bag is an accessory and is purchased separately.
  27. Is there a cup holder included?
    No, the Metro Stroller does not include a cup holder.
  28. Can I dock a car seat on the Metro Stroller?
    No, the Metro Stroller is not Car Seat compatible.
  29. Can I attach a ride on board?
    At this time the Metro does not have a ride-along board and we have not yet evaluated any “universal” boards.
  30. Are the seat fabrics removable and machine washable?
    You can remove the seat pad and wash it in a washing machine. We recommend that you wash it alone in the gentle cycle and lay flat to dry.
  31. How do I clean my Metro Stroller?
    Wipe with water and mild detergent. Machine wash seat pad (separately on gentle cycle). Lay flat to dry.
  32. What is the warranty on the Metro stroller?
    Ergobaby covers the stroller for manufacturers defects for 2 years.