Metro Footmuff

Metro Footmuff FAQs

  1. What material is the footmuff made from?
    100% Polyester with Polyester Batting
  2. Is the footmuff treated with any flame retardants?
    No, the footmuff is not treated with any flame retardants.
  3. Is the Footmuff Water Repellent?
    Yes, the footmuff is water repellent and will protect baby from light precipitation. In heavier rain or snow, we suggest using the footmuff in conjunction with the weather shield that is included with the Metro Stroller to best-protect baby from the elements.
  4. What age children is the Footmuff suitable for?
    The Ergobaby Stroller Footmuff is suitable for children 6 months up to 3 years of age.
  5. Is the Ergobaby Stroller Footmuff machine washable?
    Yes, the Footmuff is machine washable at 30°C (Cold).
  6. Can the Ergobaby Stroller Footmuff be put in the dryer?
    No, the Ergobaby Stroller Footmuff should be air dried.
  7. Does the footmuff fold with the stroller?
    Yes, the footmuff folds with the stroller. All you must do is make sure the stroller fold strap is easily accessible before beginning the fold.
  8. Does the footmuff replace a jacket?
    No. In very low temperatures (like Winter), it is recommended to use the footmuff in combination with a jacket and clothing to best-protect baby from the elements.
  9. Is the footmuff wipeable?
    Yes, the footmuff has a wipeable shoe panel so parents can conveniently and easily clean the footmuff, even from muddy shoes!
  10. Does the footmuff fit other strollers?
    The Ergobaby Stroller Footmuff fits the Ergobaby Metro Compact City Stroller and the Ergobaby 180 Reversible Stroller. It has not been fit tested with any other strollers on the market.