Metro Support Bar

Metro Support Bar FAQs

  1. What age children is the Support Bar suitable for?
    The Ergobaby Metro Support Bar is suitable for children 6 months up to 3 years of age.
  2. Does the Support Bar fold with the stroller?
    Yes, the Support Bar folds with the stroller. Simply rotate the Support Bar up, and then fold the stroller as usual.
  3. Does the Support Bar fit other strollers?
    The Ergobaby Stroller Support Bar fits the Ergobaby Metro Compact City Stroller and has not been fit tested with any other strollers on the market.
  4. Can I use the Support Bar as a Carry Handle?
    No. The Support Bar is not designed to withstand the weight of the stroller plus an occupant and therefore, should not be used as a Carry Handle.
  5. Can the Support Bar be used as an attachment point for toys?
    Yes, toys can be attached to the Support Bar, but note that toys will likely need to be removed from the bar in order to fold the stroller.
  6. Does the Support Bar replace the harness?
    No, the Support Bar does not replace the harness. Children should always be harnessed in when using the stroller.
  7. How do I install the Support Bar? Do I need tools?
    No tools are required to install the Support Bar. Simply press the release button and disconnect the Support Bar from the main attachment hub. Locate the holes on the side of the Stroller arm, and line up the nubs on the inside of the attachment hub with the holes. Wrap the attachment hub around the stroller arm until it locks into place. Repeat on the other side, then re-connect the Support Bar.
  8. Can the Support Bar Swivel Out of the Way?
    Yes, the Support Bar can be released with one hand, and swings out of the way for easy loading and un-loading of the child
  9. What's the weight of the Support Bar?
    The Support Bar weighs under 1 kg.
  10. Is the Support Bar treated with any flame retardants?
    No, the Support Bar is not treated with any flame retardants.
  11. Has the product been tested for harmful substances?
    Yes, the product has been screened for harmful substances in accordance with regulatory, industry, and internal standards, including, but not limited to: Heavy metals, PFOA/PFO's, and AZO Dyes.
  12. Is the Support Bar Cover Machine Washable?
    Yes, the Support Bar Cover can be removed and washed at at 30°C (Cold).
  13. Can the Support Bar Cover be put in the dryer?
    No, the Support Bar Cover should be air dried.
  14. Does the ErgoPromise-Lifetime Guarantee apply to the Support Bar also?
    The ErgoPromise-Lifetime Guarantee applies to our Baby Carriers only. The Support Bar is covered by a 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty.