How To Determine If Your Stroller Harness Is Being Recalled

We have voluntarily recalled the harnesses of the following first-generation Metro Compact City Stroller model numbers, produced and sold from July 2018 through September 2019.

Please continue further below for guidance on how to determine if your product is affected by this recall. If so, please immediately discontinue use of your stroller and contact Ergobaby for a free replacement harness for your stroller.

To confirm the model number of your product, move to the rear of your stroller and check the label on the right side of the frame, in the location shown below:

Next, please confirm that the release button in the center of the buckle on your stroller is black in color and has no Ergobaby logo present, as shown below. Gray color buttons and buttons with an Ergobaby logo on them are not part of this recall.

Recalled Black Button Buckle

Replacement Gray Buckle

If your product is affected by this recall, immediately discontinue using the stroller. Please click here to submit your request for a new harness or contact Ergobaby with a photo of the label containing the model number and a photo of the harness to receive a free replacement harness.

For additional information and to contact us directly, please email Ergobaby at [email protected] or contact Ergobaby toll free at (888) 416-4888 from 9am to 5pm PST Monday through Friday.