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Age: 0 - 4 years (newborn up to 22 kg)

A comfort-focused, compact stroller that goes from fitting airplane overhead bins to strolling city streets. Travel with ease without skimping on what matters: comfort and quality.

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At A Glance

Compact Fold pictogram
Compact Fold
Confortable Padding pictogram
Comfortable Padding
Extendable Handle pictogram
Bucket Seat
Extendable Handle pictogram
Extendable Handlebar
175° Recline pictogram
Near-flat Recline
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Newborn Nest
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Car Seat Compatible




Is Metro+ Right for You?

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compact stroller
Fits in Most Overhead Bins
Comfortable Padding
Adjustable Handlebar
Near-flat Recline
Adjustable Foot Rest
Useable with Newborn
Car Seat Compatible
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Weight 16.9 lbs / 7.8 kg
Tire Material Polyurethane Rubber
Front tire size 5 inches
Rear tire size 7 inches
Compatible Car
Seat Brands
Cybex, Nuna, BeSafe, Maxi Cosi, Graco, Chicco (adapters sold separately)
Use Range Newborn to 4 years
Maximum Child Weight 50 lbs / 22 kg
What's included in the Box Stroller, Sunshade
Harness Type 5-point, adjustable (no rethread needed)
Adjustable Handlebar 37.4 to 41.3 ins (95 to 105 cm)
Opened Stroller with measurements image
Closed Stroller with measurements image

Awards / Certifications

Made for Mum 2022 Award badge
AGR Award badge
JPMA Award badge
Made for Mum 2023 Award badge
Condé Nast Traveler 2023 badge


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Instruction manual for Metro+ Stroller Click Here


  1. What is the age-weight range of the Stroller?
    Metro+ is usable from birth up to 22 kg, or 4 years, whichever comes first.
    We recommend always using the stroller in it’s fully reclined position for babies who do not yet have good head and neck control, and recommend using the ‘newborn nest’ feature to ensure babies under 3 months feel cozy and secure.
  2. What updates have been added between Metro and Metro+?
    What updates have been added between Metro and Metro+?
    Metro+ has many updates and additions over the original Metro. Here is a list of what’s changed and what’s remained:
    Metro+ has: • Added adjustable handlebar • Perforated faux-leather handlebar • Added car seat compatibility • Newly designed ergonomic bucket seat • Global near-flat recline • Upgraded, no-re-thread harness • Upgraded recline mechanism • Ergobaby branded harness • Re-designed harness covers • Increased seat padding • Added ‘newborn nest’ feature • Re-shaped adjustable leg rest buttons for easier operation • Re-shaped footrest • Redesigned wheels • New quick release mechanism (to take seat off for car seat compatibility) • Updated under seat basket with night-reflective branding
    Metro+ also has some of original Metro’s fan-favorite features: • Fits into most airplane overhead bins • Easy 1-hand fold • Seatback pocket • Spring suspension • Never-flat PU rubber tires • Large UPF-50+ Sun Canopy with Peek-a-boo window • Full mesh recline panel for ventilation with cover • Removable, machine washable seat pad
  3. Does Metro+ require any assembly?
    No, Metro+ is ready to stroll right out of the box.
  4. Does Metro+ stand on its own when folded?
    Yes, Metro+ stands on its side when folded, which prevents the handlebar and seat fabric from touching the ground.
  5. Installation of the car seat adapter – are tools required to install the car seat adapter?
    For the Cybex/Nuna/BeSafe/Maxi-Cosi adapter, a screwdriver is required to install the docking pieces for the car seat adapter, but only the first time. You can easily remove and redock the adapter via it’s quick release button once the docking pieces are installed on your stroller. When you’re done using your car seat on your stroller for the foreseeable future, we recommend using a screwdriver to remove the docking pieces but this is not required. Screws are provided in the box.
  6. Is Metro+ also certified ergonomic by the AGR?
    Yes, like the original Metro, Metro+ has been reviewed and received the AGR Seal for Ergonomics.
  7. How many recline positions does Metro+ have?
    The Metro+ utilizes an infinite recline strap, so the seat can be reclined in many positions.
  8. Is the leg rest adjustable?
    Yes, the Metro+ Stroller leg rest can be adjusted in 4 different positions, including one completely flat.
  9. Are the tyres puncture free?
    The tyres are made of rubber and are not air filled, so they are puncture resistant and never go flat.
  10. Does the Metro+ Stroller have suspension?
    Yes, the Metro+ stroller uses a spring suspension system.
  11. Does Metro+ have a fold lock?
    Yes, the Metro+ Stroller has a manual fold lock, which keeps the stroller closed when folded.
  12. How much does the Metro+ weigh?
    Metro+ weighs 7.8 kg. Metro 2020 weighed 6.8 kg.
  13. How does Metro+ folded size compare to original Metro?
    The Metro+ has grown slightly over original Metro in order to accommodate car seats, but when folded, still fits into most airplane overhead bins.
  14. What is the unfolded Size of Metro+?
    96 cm tall x 44 cm wide x 87 cm long
  15. How high is the handlebar from the ground?
    Metro+ has an adjustable handlebar that ranges from 96 to 105 cm from the ground.
  16. What is Metro+’s most upright seat angle?
    Metro+’s most upright seat angle is 95 degrees.
  17. What is Metro+’s most reclined seat angle?
    Metro+’s most reclined seat angle is 175 degrees.
  18. What are Metro+’s seat dimenions?
    "Metro+ has a seat back height of 45.75 cm with additional an additional 10 cm headroom.
    Metro+ has a seat bottom depth of 23 cm from seat crease to leg bend and an additional 15.25 cm of leg rest.
    Metro+ has a seat width of 33 cm."
  19. How much cargo can Metro+ hold?
    Metro+ can hold up to 2.2 kg in the basket (17,8 litres) and an additional 1.4 kg in the seat back pocket.
  20. Will the accessories for my Metro fit on Metro+?
    Some may, but most will not. Metro Weather Covers and Footmuffs will fit Metro+. However, Metro+ has its own Support Bar and Carry Bag, due to differences in product dimensions. Additionally, the Newborn Kit for original and 2020 Metro will not fit on Metro+, and will not be updated for Metro+. Metro+ has flat recline and hidden “flaps” that attach to the sidewalls to create a newborn ‘nest’, so it comfortably fits baby from newborn to toddler without an accessory.
  21. Is Metro+ Car Seat Compatible?
    Yes. Metro+ has a quick-release seat, so you can dock your car seat directly onto the Metro+ Car Seat adapters (sold separately). Currently we have two adapters: 1 that fits various Cybex®, Maxi Cosi®, BeSafe® & Nuna® Infant Car Seats, and 1 that fits various Graco® and Chicco® Car Seats. A full list of brands/models that are compatible can be found at
  22. Can I use the Car Seat Adapters on my Metro (not Metro+ Stroller)?
    No, unfortunately the adapters are not compatible with earlier models of the Metro Stroller, only with Metro+.
  23. Do you sell a Footmuff for the Metro+ Stroller?
    Yes, the Footmuff that we currently offer for the Metro Stroller also fits on the Metro+ Stroller.
  24. Can I attach a ride-along board to the Metro+ Stroller?
    Yes, we offer the Metro+ Ride Along board compatible with both Metro+ and Metro+ Deluxe Strollers.
  25. Is the backpack included with the stroller?
    No, the backpack-style carry bag is an accessory and is purchased separately.
  26. Is there a cup holder included?
    No, the Metro+ Stroller does not include a cup holder.
  27. What fabrics are used on the Metro+ Stroller?
    There are a number of different fabrics on the Metro+ Stroller, all 100% polyester
  28. What are Metro+’s tires made from?
    Metro+’s tires are made of smooth and durable Polyurethane Rubber.
  29. Does the included rain cover have PVC in it?
    No, the rain cover accessory is PVC-free and can be purchased separately.
  30. What is the Metro+ frame made of?
    The frame is made from aircraft aluminum tubing and tough nylon plastics for the most part. There are a few steel inserts in a couple of the joints for extra strength and durability.
  31. Can I store the backpack in the stroller when not needed?
    Yes, the carry bag fits perfectly in Metro+’s seat-back pocket
  32. I want to take Metro+ on a plane – is it approved as cabin luggage?
    The Metro+ will fit in most overhead bins. To be officially “cabin approved”, luggage needs to be able to fit underneath the airplane seat, which the Metro+ will not. In most cases, you’ll be able to bring the Metro+ on a plane, but depending on plane size and amount of overhead space available at the time of boarding, like most roll-along luggage, you may be asked to gate-check it by airline staff.
  33. Why is Metro+ ergonomic?
    There were a number of criteria that the AGR looked for in evaluating the ergonomics of the Metro+ Stroller . The first and most important was the attention to padding and support in the Metro+ seat. The Metro+ seat feature multiple padding zones that provide support for baby where they need it. Additional ergonomic criteria focused on the stroller handlebar height (it’s comfortable for parents of all heights) and the fold and un-fold do not require the parent to bend down and reach in potential uncomfortable positions.
  34. What is the AGR Certification?
    More than just a sticker - the AGR seal of approval marks particularly back-friendly products. The AGR (Campaign for Healthier Backs) is an association supported by doctors and therapists which was founded in 1995. The purpose of the association is to foster research into preventing backache and to process the findings from these research efforts in order to make a contribution to dealing with the widespread condition of backache. AGR works together closely with many important medical associations. It also awards back-friendly everyday commodities the "AGR seal of approval" which received the accolade "very good" from the "ÖKOTEST" consumer magazine.
  35. How do I clean my Metro+ Stoller?
    Wipe with water and mild detergent. Machine wash seat pad and mattress pad (separately on gentle cycle). Lay flat to dry.
  36. What is the warranty on the Metro+ stroller?
    Ergobaby covers the stroller for manufacturers defects for 2 years.
  37. Can I purchase spare parts?
    Spare parts can be replaced for free within in the limits of the manufacturer's warranty. Please contact [email protected] for more details.