Metro+ Ride Along Board


The perfect solution for families with multiples so older siblings can hitch a ride. ​ ​

  • Quick install and release for easy storage
  • Suitable up to 44lbs or 4 years ​​
  • Compatible with Metro+ and Metro+ Deluxe Strollers ​


Metro+ Stroller: How to Use a Stroller Ride Along Board


Instruction manual for Ride Along Board:Click Here


  1. Can I recline the stroller while using the Ride Along Board?
    No, the stroller cannot be reclined when using the Ride Along Board
  2. Is the wood material responsibly sourced?
    The wood used in the Ride Along Board is sourced from well-managed, FSC®-certified forests.
  3. How do you stow the board when not in use?
    Simply lift and hook the board to the storage loop attached to the back of the stroller seat.
  4. What is the maxium weight and age for the ride along board?
    The maximum weight is 44lbs (20kg) and age is 4 years old.
  5. Is the Metro+ Stroller easy to stroll and maneuver with the Ride Along Board?
    Yes! Thanks to the adjustable handlebar, it provides extra space for your comfortable stride. Combined with the small footprint of Metro+, you can still manuever tight turns easily.
  6. How do you install the Metro+ Ride Along Board?
    It's as simple as 1, 2, 3. See here:
  7. Is the Metro+ Ride Along Board compatible with both Metro+ and Metro+ Deluxe
    Yes, the Metro+ Ride Along Board is compatible with both Metro+ (2021+) and Metro+ Deluxe (2023+). It is NOT compatible with with Metro (2018-2020).