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Baby and Toddler Carriers

Do you need a baby carrier? Our answer is a resounding yes – and most, if not all, parents agree with us. A baby carrier is basically the do-it-all baby gear item. It lets you keep your baby close while allowing you to keep your hands free to get stuff done.

Benefits of Baby Carriers

The benefits of babywearing range from physical to mental and emotional.

Close Convenience

A baby carrier adds a new level of convenience to your day. You can keep your baby close and safe while doing things around the house, going outside on a walk or hike, navigating through a crowded airport, and more.

Promotes Connection and Attachment

As you maintain closeness with your baby, the bond between the two of you strengthens. If you continue that closeness through toddlerhood, that bond continues to grow as your child grows. Babywearing also allows caregivers to be more in tune and responsive to their baby’s needs. Keeping your baby close can also boost breast milk production and improve breastfeeding success.

Happy, Healthy Babies and Parents

Using an infant carrier can help soothe fussy or colicky babies, as well as help with reflux. Babywearing has also been shown to promote a baby’s physical, emotional, and early language development, while at the same time decreasing risks of SIDS and flat-head syndrome. If your baby is happy and healthy, then you can be too.

Approved for Babies and Toddlers

You can use a newborn carrier while your baby is a newborn up until they’re 1 year old. Some parents continue using a carrier to tote around their toddler.

The Features You Want and Need

Ergobaby has infant carriers for all your needs. From simple soft-structured carriers and stretchy wraps for bonding time with newborns at home to convenient and comfortable hip seats for on-the-go outdoor adventures with toddlers, you can babywear anytime, anywhere. Here are the features you should have and can expect from our baby carriers:

  • Multiple ergonomic positions
  • Soft, durable, breathable fabrics
  • Long-lasting comfort for children and caregivers
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Breastfeeding-friendly
  • Designed to grow with your baby
  • Versatile styles that are functional and fashionable
  • Safe

Carry on with love and your life with a baby carrier from Ergobaby.