5 Things to Know Before You Start Using a Baby Carrier

There are so many wonderful benefits of babywearing. From supporting baby’s natural posture to reducing infant crying, strengthening the bond between baby and her caregivers and more, using a baby carrier is a win-win for you and your baby, emotionally, cognitively and physically. But if you’ve never used a baby carrier, everything is new and…

Workout Wednesday | Great Posture for New Moms

New mothers have all sorts of postural and core challenges thrown at them when feeding, carrying, cuddling and generally looking after a new baby. So this week’s workout is designed to strengthen your body to cope with ‘off centre’ load and develops strength in those crucial holding muscles! Watch your form, keep the movements smooth…

007 Reasons Dads Who Use Baby Carriers are Definitely Masculine

We love our baby carrying dads!  Recently, babywearing dads have gotten some flack, but we’re here to tell you that some of our favorite humans are babywearing dads.   Daniel Craig and Chris Evans sure know how modern parenting looks, in fact, we love the “BOND”-ing aspect of men carrying kids. Let’s re-write the story together….