Why Ergobaby

Why You Should Choose Ergobaby

When it comes to carrying your precious cargo, Ergobaby is unmatched.

With the highest quality materials and made-to-last designs, each carrier provides comfort (and safe carrying) for both parent and child. Engineered, tested, and backed by science and consumer insights, Ergobaby is the trusted choice for millions of families. And Ergobaby goes above and beyond their commitment to families by supporting a healthy and diverse community and planet. 

Superior quality. Safe, happy babies. That’s the ErgoPromise.

Pediatrician Recommended and Parent Trusted

We don’t like to brag, but we’ll let other people do it for us 😉

The truth is, the science doesn’t lie! Our carriers win awards and get recognized by Pediatricians everywhere for the superior products that supports both parent and baby through ergonomic designs.


When you’re looking for a baby carrier for your newborn, you want one that’s comfortable for you and your baby; one that evenly distributes your baby’s weight and doesn’t put unnecessary pressure on your back and shoulders. But even more importantly, you want an ergonomic baby carrier because it properly and safely supports your little one.

An ergonomic baby carrier supports the natural posture of babies, while encouraging healthy hip development. It should support your baby’s legs up to the backs of his knees, so his entire legs don’t dangle, but he can still freely move his lower legs as he gets a little older.

An ergonomic carrier comes with a wide, comfortable base that supports your baby’s weight so more of it is on her bottom rather than her crotch and holds your baby’s hips and legs in a frog leg or M shape. In this ergonomic position, your baby’s bottom is lower than her knees, while her knees and hips are level with one another and her hips are spread open. Read more about ergonomics in carriers here.

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ALL of Ergobaby’s products are designed in such a way to make ergonomic positioning the natural position for both parent and child.

Our Metro+ Stroller has an ergonomic seat for a comfortable fit for baby and an adjustable handlebar for ergonomic ease for parent.

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The Natural Curve Nursing Pillow creates support for nursing mothers so they aren’t slouching and keeps baby in a comfortable position making nursing a more relaxed experience.

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Education and Science

We’ve enlisted the help of medical professionals around the globe, and across several areas of expertise to help us scrutinize our products through the development process to make sure we continue to deliver products of the highest quality and standard.

As Ergobaby continues to improve existing products, and begins to offer new products, we want to make sure we maintain our high quality standard and continue to develop products that are comfortable and ergonomic for parents and babies.


We believe that it is our responsibility to care for the earth so that it can meet the needs of today’s generation and those to come. To do this, we are measuring, managing, and reducing our environmental impacts throughout our entire company. Like parenting, we are constantly learning and doing our best to put these lessons into practice. Here’s what we’re doing:

1) Designing For Comfort, Durability, And The Environment

2) Ensuring Healthy And Safe Working Conditions For Producing Goods

3) Measuring And Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

4) Taking Responsibility For Keeping Our Products In Use

Learn more about our commitment to sustainability.


Made to Last

Twenty years ago, a mother living on Maui was not satisfied with the baby carrying options available to her. Looking to keep her new son close to her body, she tried several different carriers, but found nothing that satisfied her needs for comfort and balance. She was deeply inspired by indigenous babywearing practices and The Continuum Concept — the idea that, from birth, we must be treated with great care to achieve optimal wellness in our future life.

With this premise at the top of her mind, and a background in design, she set out to create something that was beneficial for her baby as well as comfortable and easy for parents to use. Drawing inspiration from the traditional mei tai baby carrier, the very first Ergobaby Baby Carrier was born.

With that humble design, Karin Frost revolutionized how we carry babies. Her soft structured carrier became the gold standard.

Ergobaby carriers give you the freedom to enjoy life’s big and small adventures, all while keeping your baby close. Our products are ergonomically designed to cradle your baby in a natural sitting position and to evenly distribute baby’s weight between your hips and shoulders.

Ergobaby carriers are the ultimate in comfort and ergonomics, allowing you to carry your baby from early days to toddler.

We’ve gone even further and created additional products to support families in their parenting journey. From sleep sacks to nursing pillows, we are constantly innovating new products that will uphold to our Ergobaby values of creating comfortable and ergonomic products that last – supporting families for years (and multiple children) to come.


For every baby that grows up too fast, there’s a new baby born. Because we’ve made products that just won’t quit, we wanted to take responsibility for every product and keep them in use even when one family is finished with them. Through Everlove, we take your previously loved baby carriers and breathe new life into them for new families to enjoy. This carries on our tradition of quality and connection, by extending the lifecycle of our carriers for a more sustainable future.

Each carrier is thoroughly inspected and cleaned before offering them to the next set of proud parents who, while maybe a bit overwhelmed, couldn’t be more excited.

Everlove by Ergobaby is about connection. To our babies. To our planet. To each other.



We put so much care and intentionality into our products that we back them up with a stellar warranty.

Ergobaby products were designed to carry and comfort the most precious cargo of all. With this in mind, we use exceptional materials and workmanship to create products that families trust day after day, and in many cases, baby after baby. We strive to exceed your expectations not only for comfort and ergonomics, but also quality and durability, and stand behind all our products with outstanding customer service and warranties as described below.

The ErgoPromise™ Lifetime Guarantee covers all baby carriers (including hipseats and wraps) manufactured in 2017 and after, and provides a limited warranty against manufacturing defects* in materials and workmanship for the lifetime* of the product. Ergobaby will provide a replacement part or replacement product at its discretion for any manufacturing defect in these products.

Learn more about the ErgoPromise.

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