Evolve Bouncer Toy Bar

Evolve Bouncer Toy Bar FAQs

  1. Can I get a tighter fit for my Evolve 3-in-1 Bouncer Toy Bar?
    Yes. If you find that the fit of the toy bar to the bouncer frame is too loose, small simple adjustments can be made by bending the ends of the toy bar slightly closer together. Please always make sure to never lift or carry baby in the bouncer at any point in time, no matter how secure the attachment may feel.
  2. What is the correct placement of the Toy Bar?
    The correct placement of the Toy Bar is above the Evolve Bouncer's harness.
  3. How do I attach and remove my Toy Bar?
    Our Toy Bar provides engaging play for your baby while nestled in our Evolve Bouncer. It features easy on and off capabilities when being added to the bouncer frame. Simply pull the toy bar sides slightly open and secure around the bouncer frame above the harness. To remove, pull on the sides of the toy bar to widen it and easily remove it from the frame. When using your Toy Bar with bouncer, do not carry the Evolve Bouncer by the Toy Bar.
  4. How can I clean the Toy Bar?
    To clean your Toy Bar, surface clean only, do not use bleach. Air dry only.