Safe & Happy Strolling

As a parent, you always want the best for your child. Your unconditional love means that you never skimp on comfort, from your gentle touch to the choices you make for clothes, blankets, and gear.

At Ergobaby, we understand you may reach for a baby carrier first to venture out with baby. But especially as your baby gets older, more mobile, and curious, a stroller may be the simpler choice when headed out. The dilemma every parent faces is making sure their baby is as safe and comfortable while riding in a stroller as they would be in a baby carrier.

Keeping your baby safe is your No. 1 priority as a parent. From sleeping to baby-proofing your house, there are all kinds of baby safety dos and don’ts.

Some Do’s and Don’ts for Safe and Happy Strolling:

  • Do stay close to the stroller. Even with the best brakes, you want to be close and aware in case the stroller would start to roll or tip over.
  • Do put the brakes on when stopped. When taking your baby in and out of the stroller, and even if you’re just stopped at a light waiting to cross, put those brakes on.
  • Do store the stroller inside your house or garage. Metals and darker fabrics get too hot outside during sunny summer days and can burn your baby when you set them inside.
  • Do make sure to properly harness baby, including tightening the harness so there's very little slack in the straps.
  • Do fully recline the seat for babies who have not yet developed head and neck control.
  • Do take caution when standing and strolling near streets. Ensure no portion of your stroller is in the street vs. the sidewalk.
  • Do use provided ramps to depart sidewalks or curbs. Ramps are typically provided at safe places to cross such as crosswalks at intersections.
  • Do use caution when folding and unfolding the stroller; ensure your child is not in the way of folding or unfolding.
  • Don’t be on your phone while pushing the stroller. Just like when driving, you want your eyes focused on the road ahead, and on your baby of course.
  • Don’t hang heavy bags on the stroller handles. Too much weight, especially on lightweight strollers, could cause the stroller to tip over.
  • Don't use your stroller on an escalator.
  • Don't stroll with a car seat on the stroller unless the car seat is properly attached via a car seat adapter.
  • Don't place hot liquids in your stroller cup holder.
  • Don't run with any stroller that isn't approved for running (neither the 180 nor the Metro are approved for running).
  • Don't seat a child or animal in the basket, the basket is for storing items only.
  • Don't seat more than one child in the stroller seat.
  • Don't allow a child to sit on the footrest.
  • Don't carry your stroller down stairs when your child is in it.
  • Don't push your stroller down stairs when your child is in it, even one stair at a time.

While strollers are much more common than baby carriers, these are still important safety tips to keep in mind when using a stroller. We wish you safe and happy strolling in all your joys and jobs of parenting!