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In May 2010 Maui based chiropractor, Tracey Wright, D.C., embarked on a journey to Fortaleza, Brazil. There she joined 15 other chiropractors from around the world. The bond that magnetized them was AdjustWorld, a non-profit organization whose mission is to share Chiropractic throughout the world in order to allow individuals of all ages to clearany interference in their bodies and allow Life to flow as it was intended. AdjustWorld knows that as people are adjusted they remember who they are and they choose to express greater levels of Love towards themselves and their fellow human beings. They will make higher conscious choices about our “internal environment that will automatically change our choices toward our external environment.

I was honored to be a part of the team chosen to treat the local community in Fortaleza. With a population of over 2.5 million, it is the 5th largest city in Brazil and one of the highest demographic densities in the country. This is the 13th consecutive year AdjustWorld has served this community. Word spread quickly among the people and this year the chiropractors served a total of over 20,000 people.

It was fascinating to witness the week unfold and to see and feel firsthand the love and healing that was occurring. It was very common to hear people speak of the fact that they so looked forward to when the chiropractors came each year. One woman said, “It is a time that our community comes together, loves more, get along better, and reconnects to a more peaceful and happy state of being. This is why I became a chiropractor : I know that this is possible for every individual and the world is in great need of it.

This trip became even more special through the generosity of ERGO Baby Carrier’s founder and CEO, Karin Frost. I have been sharing ideas with Karin for over a year on how chiropractic and ERGObaby are very complementary at the beginning of life. When I told Karin that I would soon be leaving to serve in Brazil, she immediately asked if she could donate some ERGObaby carriers for me to take along. I was thrilled knowing what an incredible difference they would make in the lives of the mothers and babies who would receive them — an opportunity they would not otherwise have.

For years chiropractors around the world have known the benefits of having newborn’s spines checked for subluxations soon after birth and then regularly throughout life. This allows for a clearly functioning nervous system and greater life expression to be experienced from the beginning. It unleashes any trauma or nerve interference that may have occurred during the birthing process.ERGObaby believes that being carried heart to heart from birth allows for optimal bonding. More love can be experienced and it is a beautiful way for human beings to start their journey in life, keeping their hearts open and connected from the beginning. This is the way of ancient wisdom that we have been removed from in the modern world. In my private practice I have often witnessed that the union of the ERGObaby carrier and Chiropractic allows for a greater heart connection, calmer nervous systems and a deeper bonding experience.

In Fortaleza I provided adjustments at a community center connected to a church called Nossa Senhora da Assunvßv£o. Each day there were several hundreds of people waiting to be adjusted, so I thought it would be best to set aside an ideal time to gift the carriers at the end of the week. I asked the director of the center to gather 9 mamas with babies, and have them come on the last day of serving to receive the carriers. The director replied by saying:”But you are already giving us such a beautiful gift. It was with deep gratitude to Karin, that I was able to give even more.

Throughout the week I was surprised to see mothers carrying their infants and children on their hips or in strollers instead of close to their bodies. For some reason I thought that the people here would have a more visceral contact with their children. I had a hardtime waiting until the end of the week to share the ERGOs because there were so many beautiful families with babies coming to receive adjustments. Every one of them could have benefitted from a carrier. But I only had nine, so I knew that they would be gifted to exactly who they were meant to go to when the time was right.

Mid-week I observed a beautiful shift begin to take place in a two year old girl whose momma volunteered at our center. This young girl had very little eye contact and rarely smiled at the beginning of the week. Shortly after her first adjustment, she started to connect with me and make eye contact. By the next day she shared a smile. After her third adjustment she wanted to spend time close to the chiropractic table and even place her hands upon the people who were being adjusted. Her Mom was newly pregnant with another baby and I observed that this young girl was often trailing behind as they moved around throughout the day. So at the end of the fourth day of adjusting, I gifted them with an ERGO. Immediately, they both lit up, smiled, and fell into a deep connection. Everyone who was present saw the young girl smile and sink into her Mama’s bosom for the first time all week. Her Mom couldn’t say thank you enough and said that the ERGO was an answer to prayer since she was having a hard time holding her daughter after becoming pregnant again.

By the end of Friday, I had adjusted well over 1,200 people of all ages and walks of life. With still more love to give, I greeted the women from the community who had been contacted to come and receive the ERGO’s. I adjusted all of their babies and the translators communicated with the mothers that these ERGO Baby Carriers came all the way from Maui, Hawai’i, with love. It was explained that they are designed to allow for a greater heart to heart connection as well as to support their baby’s developing spine and nervous system, and to create ease for the mother’s bodies as well. The women lit up as if they were being gifted gold. With tears streaming down my face, I fitted each woman and baby with their carriers and observed the babies melting into their Mama’s chests. At this time I was asked to give each woman a bag of food that had been donated throughout the week of adjusting. These were the women in the community who were in the most desperate need of assistance of all kinds. Wow, it was a poignant moment to watch them walk off into the night, well-adjusted, heart to heart with their babies, hands free and able to carry food, with huge smiles on their faces.

While this was my 7th chiropractic mission trip, it was my first time sharing the ERGO Baby Carrier outside of my home based practice in Maui. The desire to share both of these gifts throughout the world has been heightened, for I know in my heart that the more we are able to stay connected and clear, the more we’ll be able to share that love with generations to come. There no greater gift we can give.

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Sydney Seaver was a part of Ergobaby since 2004, first as Personal Assistant to the president and eventually as Administrative Assistant. She is a graduate of the University of Texas with a BA in Liberal Arts. Prior to coming to ERGO she had her own company, Ergonomic Resource Group. She is the mother of five including two sets of twins and grandmother of eight including a set of twins.

November 6, 2010