Babywearing Tips | Clips & Comfort

To celebrate babywearing week, we reached out to our friends at Babywearing International.  BWI is a non-profit group that helps all the parents wear all the babies!  We love the work they do promoting babywearing as a universally accepted practice (thank you!), with benefits for both child and caregiver.  They provide education and support to parents, caregivers, and educators through outreach activities (check out some activities in your area). At the heart of BWI is their network of chapters run by Volunteer Babywearing Educators serving their local communities, these educators can help you with everything from which carrier is best for you to how to do a back carry.

So, when we were looking for babywearing tips to share, naturally we reached out to this amazing network to get their tips from experience!  We’ve grouped their tips by topic, so you can easily find what you are looking for!  Today’s focus:  clips & comfort.

Babywearing Tips | Clips & Comfort

  • If you find your shoulder straps slipping off your shoulder, loosen the shoulder straps a bit, tighten the chest/back clip and then retighten the shoulder straps. [BWI of Greater Austin]
  • If you’re having difficulty reaching the chest clip while doing a front carry, loosen the shoulder straps, fasten the chest clip, pull it over your head, then tighten as usual. [BWI of Central PA]
  • Keep your carrier’s sternum strap low. It should match your child’s car seat and go armpit to armpit. It reduces any under arm rubbing and provides a secure point to counterbalance any weight.  [BWI of Grand Rapids]
  • Make sure your waistband is nice and snug! Otherwise baby’s bottom may slip down into the waistband making it less comfortable for you! [BWI of Greater Austin]
  • If the shoulder straps are rubbing under your arms, try positioning the back clip lower on your back, at or below your shoulder blades.  [BWI of Greater Austin]
  • If the shoulder strap clips are bothering you, take a pair of suck pads and attach them around the straps where the buckles are. Still able to tighten or slide them to loosen but it provides some cushion if the buckles are irritating you. [BWI of Phoenix]

Babywearing International Inc. is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote babywearing as a universally accepted practice. BWI’s Volunteer Babywearing Educators across the country provide free meetings and outreach in their local communities, sharing their knowledge and experience to ensure that babies are worn safely and comfortably.

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