Top 10 Ergobaby Babywearing Halloween Costume Ideas


Scooby Doo and Velma (source)

Halloween is almost here and with it comes one of the most fun parts – planning your costume! Every year we see so many fantastic #ErgobabyHalloween pictures pop up online, and we thought we would round up some favorites to share with all of you!

A few things to remember when incorporating babywearing into your Halloween costume –

  1. Follow all safety rules (see some tips here) and guidelines for the carrier. Always make sure baby has two fingers width between chin and chest to keep airway open and clear and baby is close enough to kiss.
  2. Only face baby out if you are using a Four-Position 360 carrier, which allows for a front-outward facing position.
  3. Pay special attention to baby’s temperature since you both may be wearing things you may not normally have on.

Most of all, have FUN…and have a happy, babywearing Halloween!


A Starbucks breakfast (source)


ET and the gang (source)


A bag of movie theater popcorn (source)


The President and the Vice President…and their secret service (source)

Black Swan princesses (source)


A chef and his lobster (source)


Rosie the Riveters (source)


Star Wars crew (source)


A gang of bandits and their loot (source)

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