Summer Adventure with Baby

Summer’s here and you deserve a little fun in the sun! Here are a few ideas for experiencing the great outdoors (in your Ergo!) with your baby. Be sure to share your adventures with us and use the #InMyErgo hashtag!

Park It

Babywearing in the Park

Pack yourself a delicious lunch for a good old-fashioned park visit and enjoy the picnic under a shady tree. Maybe toss a few books in your bag, too – one to read to your little one and a book of your own to enjoy while baby takes a nap. If baby is old enough, seek out the nearest playground. The bucket seat swings and sandbox time are a perfect place to start.

Hike On

Hike with baby

Embark on a local hike with your baby! This is, of course, a perfect opportunity for babywearing and the chance to expose your little one to nature. To get an idea where to start, The National Recreation Trails Database offers a list of over 1,100 trails in all 50 states. If you live in a city like San Francisco or New York, maybe try a bridge walk instead! There’s a ton of information online about walking across city bridges.

Beach Days

Beach babywearing

If you happen to live on the coast, there’s nothing quite like a day at the beach. With an umbrella, beach blanket, good snacks, and plenty of sunscreen, you’ve got a perfect day ahead. If you’re nowhere near the ocean, maybe there’s a local lake or riverbank nearby. If there are no bodies of water near your home, go ahead and research your community pool. It still counts. 🙂

Need some tips to keep cool while babywearing?  You can check out our Cool Air Mesh Collection and be sure to follow the guide to wearing your baby in hot weather here. Enjoy these opportunities to soak up the sun and adventure on!

Photo credits: @brianacaniza; @little.paper.plane; @chrissypowers

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