Spotlight: Wild Was Mama

From California all the way to the East Coast, today we find ourselves in Brooklyn, NY, in one of Wild Was Mama’s  two locations to learn a bit more about their store. You can see them online here, and follow them on Instagram and Facebook too!

How do you choose items for your store?

We are very particular about what we carry in the shop. Most people trust our selection because we put such extensive thought and research into our choices! Most of our carriers have been used and tested by me personally, and newer carriers are vetted by our staff that are still wearing kiddos. We look for function first – is a product comfortable, does it “make sense” and is it straightforward to use for new families? Is it manufactured in a responsible way and high quality? Once those criteria are met, we of course need to factor in style and aesthetic – we do live in New York after all!

What is the most challenging part of owning a retail store? And the most rewarding?

I don’t think there is anything quite as rewarding as hearing the stories of moms every day, or helping families find practical and eco friendly solutions to their challenges. But running a shop also means needing to stay present and local. There is a certain amount of exposure that comes from owning a community business, and I occasionally fantasize about having more personal anonymity. In exchange for the opportunity to get to do what I love every day, we are in the end of the day, a business made up of imperfect individuals. We show up every day and try our hardest to do right by our customers and meet the needs of everyone who walks through the door. It’s a heavy burden at times. But it doesn’t make the work itself any less rewarding.

Why do you have Ergobaby in your store?

We’ve carried Ergobaby since we opened in 2011! I used an Ergo with my oldest son when he was 6 months and fell in love. Ergo, to me, has always been about simplicity. In a changing babywearing world where carriers often develop more functions and options and bells and whistles, the straightforwardness of Ergos have always kept it a strong staple amongst our offerings. New Yorkers typically avoid too much fuss, so the Ergo has really filled a strong niche in our community.

What is your favorite Ergobaby product?

I am really diggin’ the Ergo Adapt right now! In NYC, parenting is unique in that we find that most parents are needing to carry their babies from birth (read: no cars!). Most families we work with for the first time often have babies who are just one or two weeks old! The fact that the Adapt doesn’t require an infant insert and that the cross-back straps fit a variety of body types (and feel comfy too) make it such a reliable option for families with newborns. We love that the seat adjustment feature is easy to use and straightforward.

Thanks so much, Wild Was Mama!

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November 21, 2017
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