Supporting Perinatal Wellness

We are happy to be supporting Nurturely‘s event this May 23, 2021: A Virtual Celebration of Babies, Caregivers, Equity, and Wellness! Nurturely’s mission is to promote equity in perinatal wellness and strengthen cultures of support for infants and caregivers through preventative knowledge-sharing, collaborative exploration, and proactive community engagement.

Did you know that perinatal wellness plays a role in LIFELONG health? Physical and psychological wellness during the perinatal period is critical for the long term health of both parent and baby. The first years of an infant’s life are foundational for setting up a positive developmental trajectory. For parents, recovery from birth has lifelong implications for emotional wellness and disease prevention. Yet currently, parents and babies do not have equitable access to wellness during the perinatal period. Nurtrely’s mission is working to close that gap.  Whether you are a parent or not, perinatal health affects all of us and has broader societal implications. 

Implications of Perinatal Wellness Supporting Perinatal Wellness Benefits all of Society

$14 Billion

Estimated Annual Savings from Preventing Postpartum Depression

Estimated Infant Lives Saved if Breastfeeding were Increased
Estimated Parent Lives Already Saved from Breastfeeding
Estimated Percent of Infant Hospital Admissions Preventable with Increased Human Milk Access


How to Support the Work

Nurturely’s main fundraising event, Bubbly Brunch is happening this May 23.  There are still virtual tickets available here.  Can’t make the event, donate here. We are proud to support Nurturely’s valuable work. 

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