Ergobaby Partners with Baby Go Round Canada

We believe that it is our responsibility to care for the earth so that it can meet the needs of today’s generation and those to come. To do this, we are measuring, managing, and reducing our environmental impacts throughout our entire company. Like parenting, we are constantly learning and doing our best to put these lessons into practice. Here is where we are today and what we are working to accomplish tomorrow. 

One of the ways we’re putting our beliefs into action is by taking responsibility for our products in use.  

In 2020, we launched Everlove™ through which we buy back Ergobaby carriers, clean them, safety test them and resell them on our website at a significantly lower price. Through Everlove, we are building a circular product system that keeps carriers in use (reducing the need to make more) and provides greater financial access to our products. Compared to manufacturing a new carrier, Everlove carriers save about 80% of the CO2 emissions and 90% of water use. 

While Everlove is designed specifically to resell our carriers, we also want to take responsibility for other products that are returned and unable to be resold due to compliance issues, like our Metro+ stroller. Still in perfectly good condition, if the boxes these strollers were sent in were opened, we’re unable to rebox and resell.  

Our warehouse in Canada had over 30 Metro+ strollers that we wanted to make sure didn’t end up in a waste bin. So, we donated a few dozen of these strollers to local families and then we reached out to Baby Go Round.  

BabyGoRound creates brighter beginnings for babies and their families — by equipping low-income parents with the essential baby gear they need. Every day, thousands of low-income parents in BC’s Lower Mainland struggle to care for their babies without the vital baby supplies they need. 

They picked up 14 Ergobaby Metro+ Strollers from our warehouse and those strollers will be distributed to families in need! 

From Baby Go Round: 

Thanks to partnerships with 90+ social service agencies and an incredible community of supporters, BabyGoRound is able to equip and empower new parents with everything they need to confidently care for their babies and toddlers — creating kits of essential baby gear that will last up to two years. We focus on essential items that create the greatest impact in a family’s quality of life during a child’s earliest years. By prioritizing gear that makes mobility, sleep, feeding and play accessible for parents and safe for babies, potential barriers impacting day to day life are lifted. Not only does this decrease parental stress and anxiety, but also relieves the financial burden of having to purchase these items. Financial resources are then freed up to be directed to housing, food, and other essential expenses. 

Last year alone, we served over 1,300 families and distributed over $1 million worth of baby gear* to families who need it most. 95% of families reported reduced financial stress, 94% reported reduced parental stress, and 90% reported improved mental health after accessing our services. 

In order to provide a stroller and infant carrier to every family who requests one at our current program levels, we would need to procure 80 strollers and 70 carriers each month (or 960 and 840 annually, respectively). We know that strollers and infant carriers in particular can are an essential tool for parents and caregivers during a child’s early life, providing mobility and access to grocery stores and open air spaces like parks, and our goal is to make sure it is provided to everyone accessing our program who has expressed the need for one.
*this total is based on fair market value of items at the time of distribution 


We love getting to partner with organizations like this to make #LifeWithBaby easier for families all around the world.  

If you want to learn more about Baby Go Round or get involved with what they’re doing, you can visit their website at 



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