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Bobbie Baby Formula, the brand you know and love for its top-notch organic formulas, has just launched their newest product: Boosties! As a long-time request from Bobbie parents, these new infant supplements are perfect for formula-fed and breastfed babies alike.  

Since Bobbie has a very simple ingredient list, they leave it up to parents to add anything extra! Parents who are looking for probiotics or Vitamin D will now be able to order these supplements— along with their Bobbie subscription— for their own, customized infant formula. We spoke with Mallory Whitmore, The Formula Mom and Education Lead at Bobbie, about why these two new products are so exciting for Bobbie parents. 


What are boosties? 

Bobbie Boosties are infant supplements that can be added to an infant’s diet, whether they’re breastfeeding, formula feeding, or doing a bit of both (also known as combo-feeding)! 

Do breastfeeders need added vitamins or probiotics?  

Many parents don’t realize that breast milk actually contains very little Vitamin D– not nearly enough to meet the AAP’s recommendation of 400 IU per day during the first year! As such, any parent that is exclusively breastfeeding, or whose infant does not receive more than 30 oz per day of a fortified infant formula, should give their baby a vitamin D supplement. Vitamin D is a crucial nutrient for bone growth and also helps support the immune system.* Even though this is an essential fat-soluble vitamin for infants, a 2020 study showed that only 1 in 4 U.S. infants routinely met daily Vitamin D intake recommendations. 

Breastfed infants typically do not need a probiotic supplement as breast milk contains a variety of naturally-occuring probiotic strains. That said, there is often no harm in adding a probiotic supplement to a breastfed baby’s diet, though I always encourage parents to discuss this with their child’s pediatrician beforehand. 

Do formula feeders need added vitamins or probiotics? 

Formula-fed infants may or may not need supplemental Vitamin D depending on how much infant formula they consume each day. Bobbie contains more Vitamin D per serving than most U.S. formulas, and as such, any baby drinking at least 27 oz of Bobbie formula each day will receive sufficient Vitamin D. For other U.S. formulas, a baby must drink at least 30 oz per day to reach recommended levels. Any baby, whether exclusively formula-fed or combo-fed, who drinks less than these volumes each day should receive a Vitamin D supplement daily. 

Babies who primarily or exclusively drink formula often benefit from a probiotic supplement, as probiotics help to support a healthy and diverse gut microbiome.* Certain probiotics can be particularly useful for infants who have symptoms of colic that are not attributed to a medical condition.* Research shows some strains can help infants who are colicky, fussy, and who experience extended crying episodes.* The two probiotic strains found in Bobbie’s Organic Probiotic Drops, in the amounts we’re using, have been clinically studied to support colicky babies.* 

Do Doctors recommend giving infants Vitamin D and Probiotics? 

Yes! Doctors routinely recommend supplemental Vitamin D drops for babies who are breastfed or combo-fed, and may recommend probiotic drops for infants who are colicky.* We’ve got some great pediatrician testimonials for the Bobbie Organic Vitamin D Drops and the Bobbie Organic Probiotic Drops on their product pages! 

What’s the recommended time for infants to use Vitamin D and Probiotics? 

Both Bobbie Organic Probiotic Drops and Bobbie Organic Vitamin D drops can be used from birth through the first year! Bobbie Organic Vitamin D provides daily value information for use up to age 3, while Bobbie Organic Probiotic Drops can be used indefinitely, though some parents may choose to discontinue probiotic drops if fussiness and crying due to colic subsides.* . 

How much Vitamin D or Probiotics do you give an infant? 

Bobbie Organic Vitamin D Drops contain the AAP-recommended 400 IU in a daily 3-drop serving. Bobbie Organic Probiotic Drops contain 1 billion CFU in each 5-drop serving. These multi-drop servings mean that the volume in each drop is smaller, which protects against accidentally giving too much! 

Is every baby given the same amount of Vitamin D or Probiotics? 

Yes, parents should follow the recommended use on the package regardless of whether their baby is breastfed or formula fed, and regardless of their infant’s age. How do you give a baby Vitamin D or Probiotics? 

Both Bobbie Boosters can be mixed directly into a bottle of formula or expressed milk, into age-appropriate foods, or directly into a baby’s mouth. Note that Bobbie Organic Probiotic Drops should not be mixed with hot formula, breastmilk or food as excessive heat can kill off the good bacteria contained in the product! 

Is Vitamin D or Probiotics safe for newborns? 

Yes! Bobbie Organic Vitamin D drops are appropriate for birth through age 3, while Bobbie Organic Probiotic Drops are appropriate for birth onwards for infants who are healthy and full-term; probiotics are not recommended for infants who are born premature or who are immunocompromised. 

When do you stop giving babies Vitamin D or Probiotics? 

Breastfed and combo-fed Infants need vitamin D supplementation throughout the 1st year, and may benefit from supplemental Vitamin D through toddlerhood. Probiotics typically do not have an upper age limit, though some parents may choose to stop when the symptoms that probiotics intend to treat (fussiness, crying) have gotten better. 

Are there benefits to giving babies Probiotics? 

The strains found in Bobbie Organic Probiotic Drops have been clinically-studied to reduce both crying episodes (the number of periods each day that a baby is crying) as well as crying duration (how long a baby cries during each period)! 

Are there benefits to giving babies Vitamin D? 

Bobbie Organic Vitamin D drops support: 

  1. The healthy development of babies by ensuring they get an adequate amount of this required nutrient* 
  2. The proper development of a baby’s immune system* 
  3. The strength of hard tissues like bones and teeth* 

What makes Bobbie’s Vitamin D or Probiotic a good product for infants? 

Bobbie Boosties are USDA certified organic and include only a few simple ingredients– no polysorbate 80, citric acid, or other preservatives, colors or flavors that can be found in other products on the market. Additionally, both Boosties products can be added to a Bobbie subscriber’s monthly formula shipment, which means they never have to worry about making a mad dash to the store every month!  

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

For colic not attributed to a medical condition 

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