Celebrating Women’s History Month with Young Kids

March is Women’s History Month, a time to reflect on the contributions women have made throughout history and celebrate the women and girls in our lives today. As parents of young children, this is a perfect opportunity to start teaching our kids about strong, inspirational women and the importance of gender equality from an early age. Here are some ideas for celebrating Women’s History Month with your little ones:  

Learn about Historical Figures   

There are so many amazing women throughout history that even young kids can start learning about. Pick a few prominent women leaders, artists, scientists, athletes or authors and read children’s biographies about them. Some ideas include Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart, Marie Curie, Serena Williams or Madeline L’Engle. Check your local library or online for kid’s books that highlight the accomplishments of these influential women in history. 

As you read about them, talk to your kids about why these women are celebrated. Emphasize their positive traits like bravery, persistence, creativity and intelligence. Explain how they broke down barriers for women and changed the world. Ask your child who their favorite historical woman is and why. What did they admire most about her? 

Highlight Present Day Role Models  

In addition to learning about women in history, also talk about the inspiring women and girls in your child’s life right now. Share stories about relatives, teachers, community members and friends who are strong leaders and role models. 

Talk about a female family member who has accomplished something they are proud of in their career. Describe the traits you admire in your child’s teacher and the impact she has on the classroom. Share stories of women in your neighborhood who volunteer and help others. Tell your child about women who own local businesses and serve the community. This helps kids realize that ordinary women they know can be extraordinary. 

Throw an Appreciation Party 

Host a mother-daughter, parents-kids or woman-themed party at home. Let your kids help with preparations like decorating, coming up with the menu and making invitations. At the party, go around and say nice things about all the female guests, citing why you appreciate and admire them. As a parent, share what you love about each of your children and what you hope for their future. Let your kids know what girls and women can achieve with hard work and big dreams. Make it a joyful celebration of women! 

Get Active with Babywearing  

One of the best ways to honor Women’s History Month is to get out and explore your community with your little ones. Babywearing is a great way to keep your kids close while staying active. Using a baby carrier enables you to get out and participate in marches, rallies, festivals and other events focused on women’s empowerment. Here are some ideas: 

  • Attend a children’s book reading or author event at a local library or bookstore featuring books about influential women. Kids can gain inspiration while safely tucked in a carrier listening to stories. 
  • Many communities host historic neighborhood walking tours focused on local women of the past. Wear your baby for a comfortable tour.  
  • Look for any children’s exhibits about women’s history at a museum and walk through together. Don’t let kids slowing you down deter you! 
  • Check for multigenerational rallies or marches that welcome parents with babies and kids. March for women’s equality while bonding together. 
  • Search for International Women’s Day festivals with crafts, activities, booths and food to enjoy. You’ll easily maneuver through crowds with your little one close. 

The key is not to limit your participation because you have young kids. With babywearing, you can celebrate Women’s History Month to the fullest! 

Focusing on women’s achievements, voices and stories this March is so important in shaping our kids’ worldviews. We hope these ideas inspire you to make Women’s History Month fun, educational and empowering. How will you celebrate with your little ones?  

Vittoria Allen

Vittoria is a writer based in San Diego. A lover of good food, slow living, and a good novel, she shares her life with her husband and two daughters trying to squeeze out the beauty in every moment.