Tips for Traveling with Baby Food

My husband and I have been traveling with Rio since he was 9 weeks old. Until he was about 7 months, anytime we traveled I brought him in my carrier. He was so small and easy to hold and was exclusively breastfed so I didn’t have to bring a lot. It was a piece of cake!  A couple months ago when Rio was 11 months old we flew to Nevis in the West Indies, and for Thanksgiving we went on a cruise with my husband’s entire family. If you follow my Instagram, you know that I only feed Rio certain foods. This has forced me to be very organized and prepared prior to leaving. Below I’ve made some lists of things that have helped me get through our travels while still giving Rio healthy foods.I’m also still nursing, which makes traveling much easier because there is always a way to comfort him and I know he’s still getting the nutrients from my milk. When we traveled to Nevis, we were going to be flying for a whole day so I brought enough food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Travel meal


  • Half an avocado with chopped spinach.
  • Blueberries and raspberries.
  • Love these Sage Spoonfuls containers.


  • green smoothie (in a Squooshi pouch) and a
  • banana


  • Oatmeal with chia seeds, sprouted almond butter, coconut butter, strawberries, and cinnamon.
  • No veggies but he had spinach, watercress and broccoli in his breakfast and lunch.
  • With everything I added to this oatmeal, it has plenty of nutrients and protein. I prepped it in the morning before we left and he ate it cold, kind of like overnight oats).

Other necessities

  • Water bottle ( I like the Kleen Kanteen) and some little snacks (I brought a cut up apple and some puffs.)
  • My Arctic Zone cooler, similar to this is the perfect size for carrying everything in. I take it everywhere!

Here are some necessities that have helped us when traveling with baby food:

  1. A small cooler.
  2. Ice packs- make sure to keep ice packs inside a ziplock bag in case one gets punctured.
  3. Small wet bag with hand/face wipes and napkins plus a spoon.
  4. Bib- I love this Make My Day catch all bib. It rolls up, it’s compact and easy to clean. I also love this bamboo spoon/fork.
  5. Dishsoap- Dapple has these great tiny bottles for travel. Keep it in a small ziplock just in case it leaks. Fits perfectly in the outside pocket of the cooler.
  6. Burt’s Bees hand and face wipes

Do you have any must-haves for traveling with baby?

Carly Zuffinetti earned a B.A. in Elementary Education from Ball State University, a Master’s Degree in Special Education and has an Autism Authorization from Cal State San Marcos. She is a special education teacher and is currently on sabbatical to be with her new baby boy. She created her Instagram account, @ThePreggersPantry, during her pregnancy hoping to connect and share ideas with other health conscious, like-minded mamas. She is involved with Miracle Babies, SAY San Diego, and The Friends of San Pasqual charities. Carly lives in Rancho Santa Fe, CA with her husband Adam, son Rio, and 13 year old Brussels Griffon, Mayzie. She loves yoga, animals, and all things baby. Carly will soon launch The Preggers Pantry blog to help inspire women to have the healthiest pregnancies and lives possible.