Babywearing and Bonding

While we love talking about babywearing year-round, October is Babywearing Awareness Month. This week, we will be talking to two different babywearing experts.

Latinx Heritage Month runs from September 15-October 15. So we wanted to take this opportunity to chat with Daisy Hamory about indigenous babywearing practices. Daisy is a babywearing educator and one of our brand ambassadors, and she also provides babywearing support on Ergobaby photo shoots. Through her practice, Daisy provides inclusive full spectrum birth and postpartum support to birthing people in the Los Angeles area, inspired by Abuelita knowledge and traditional Mexican practices. We are excited for Daisy to share her babywearing knowledge with us. Don’t miss it!

We are thrilled to be speaking with Dr Lela Williams about the benefits of babywearing. Lela Rankin Williams, Ph.D. is an associate professor and the associate director of the School of Social Work, Tucson at Arizona State University. She completed her doctoral and post-doctoral training in infant and child development and she is also a certified babywearing educator. Dr. Williams has empirically tested the benefits of babywearing and has demonstrated health, mental health, and developmental benefits for mothers and their infants. Dr. Williams has published two books, two book chapters, sixty peer-reviewed manuscripts, including serving as a guest editor for a special issue on the developmental impact of infant contact, and has presented over 100 times at national and international conference meetings. You can learn more about her research here.

That’s a lot of babywearing research! While we all have so many anecdotal stories about how babywearing has helped us in our day-to-day lives, we welcome the opportunity to deepen our understanding of how babywearing can benefit both the caregiver and baby on so many levels. Be sure to join our discussion with Dr. Williams and learn more about her research and her dedication to furthering the babywearing movement.

This Week’s Schedule:

Tuesday, October 6 at 2PM PST
IG Live: Indigenous Babywearing Origin & Practice with Daisy Hamory

Wednesday, October 7 at 2PM PST
IG Live: Babywearing Research with Lela Rankin Williams, Ph.D.

Saturday, October 10 at Noon PST
Love Carries On Facebook Group: Babywearing 101

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