Everyday Journal | Paige Appel

As co-founder of local Los Angeles beloved shop, Midland, Paige Appel is an inspiration for relaxed and beautiful living. She’s also an inspiration for intuitive, loving, and attached parenting. She talks to us about parenting the second time around, contributing to society through entrepreneurship, and her daily family rhythm.

Tell us about your family.

My family is so beautifully blended. I have a 15 year old son, Rem, from my first husband and a 15 month old daughter, Cosette, from my current partner, Talmadge. It’s quite a gap in years, but complete fullness in love and laughter.

Describe your parenting style.

My parenting style is definitely attached and intuitive. My favorite book on parenting is Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents. I follow it pretty religiously. Honoring who my kids are and letting them lead.

How has motherhood changed you?

Expansion! So much heart expansion. So much humility and ego detachment. Reminding myself constantly that I don’t own these beings. They are here to teach me and I’m here to love them.

What does a typical day in your family look like?

Right now in these times of Covid, very lazy! Talmadge usually lets Rem and I sleep in and he takes the baby on a stroll and gives her breakfast. We then have coffee and tea and watch her play while we read. We juggle work from home, pop into the shops we own, cook a lot of stew and bake a lot of cookies. Water the plants, take the dog on walks, watch movies, evening baths etc. We are immersed in home life and grateful we have each other.

How does your family stay connected?

Talking. We make time to sit and talk. To listen and really hear each other’s place and perspective and feelings. Even if it’s just talking about future goals and current anxieties. We live in such a detached, media driven culture that it’s key to get the house quiet and just breathe and look at each other in the eyes and talk.

Tell us what brings you joy?

I miss traveling, that brought me so much joy! But right now it is cooking and nourishing my family. Spending this sequestered time together. Being in nature together. Simple, slow domestic life is bringing me so much joy right now.

What does home mean for your family?

I think for me, I feel at home just having the four of us together. Anywhere. I think for Talmadge and Rem, they physically like being in our home snuggled up with the outside world at bay. Cosy and I like to be on the go. But I truly feel at home wherever, whenever as long as my children are by my side.

How does babywearing help you at home?

Babywearing is a lifesaver at home! She loves to be in arms. She loves to be close to me and Talmadge. We carry her in our Ergo all around the house while we water the plants, make food, do laundry, walk the dog. Rem was the same way. I think I wore him till he was almost 4. It’s truly a natural and helpful way to have my baby close.

If you or your partner work, how does work inspire your family?

Work is something we both love to do. We are passionate about our jobs and showing our children that contributing to society by our entrepreneurship is something they can aspire to participate in and be creative about their future. Having a strong work ethic and drive to make a difference on a larger scale is important to us. We hope that passes on to them.

Christina is a mama, conservationist, DIY’er, vintage fanatic, dog lover and the Ergobaby director of community. She is passionate about babies, babywearing, birth, yoga, natural living, and healthy eats. When not online reading and writing about all of the above, she can be found spending time with her daughter, creating their family story in Los Angeles.

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