Celebrate Juneteenth

Happy Juneteenth! Today, we celebrate freedom…On June 19, 1865, the last group of enslaved people, residing in Gavelston, TX were freed. For this we celebrate Juneteenth. Here are few ways that you can recognize this national holiday and celebrate Black joy and Black history!

  1. Research… Because we are a baby/parent-centered company, we will always lead with family! Research Black authors and children’s books that celebrate African American culture and diversity. Building a diverse home library is the perfect beginning to raising good humans.
  2. Center + support Black voices. Part of “doing the work” is centering Black voices. Centering voices outside of our own is a valuable lesson to pass along to our children. It falls in line with the lessons of listening to understand, valuing perspective, and so much more… Following Black accounts within the parenting community is a start in gaining insight, listening to, and celebrating Black voices.
  3. Honor the African and Indigeousness heritage/ origins of babywearing. Celebrate Juneteenth by researching the origins of babywearing and the many contributions that African Americans have made within the industry. “Babywearing is a rooted ancestral practice in the Black community. Babywearing is a practice indigenous folks and Black folks made a staple in the Americas. The practice was bought here as a tool for our survival. Just like we nursed white babies as enslaved folks, we also wore them on our backs. It is important folks recognize and acknowledge the history!” -Diamond Redden, co-founder of Black Babywearing Week.
  4. Support Black-owned businesses. Celebrate Juneteenth by supporting Black-owned businesses. This may look like donating to a Black midwifery/ doula support fund, to support Black birthing people. It may look like paying citizen-level reparations to a friend starting a business… It may also look like intentionally shopping Black and supporting BIPOC-owned businesses for a full day on Juneteenth and moving forward as much as possible.

Lastly, however, you choose to celebrate this monumental holiday, may it be filled with joy, gratitude, and above all hope for a better future.

**Painting by Artist, Thaoo Aishat HaSati

Brandi Sellers-Jackson

Brandi Sellers-Jackson is Ergobaby’s Social Media Manager, a Doula, Baby Wearing Educator, and the founder of #NotSoPrivateParts + Co-Founder of Moms In Color. Brandi lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband and their three boys, Jax, Jedi, and Jupiter.