Everything You Need to Know About Nesting

Suddenly you start to notice the dust gathering on the floor boards. The pantry isn’t organized. And maybe the closets need to be cleaned out. Yes, the nesting bug has hit, but don’t worry, it’s completely natural! 

What is nesting?

Nesting is an overwhelming desire to get your home ready for the arrival of a new baby. That could look like organizing little clothes or wanting to take all the dishes off the shelves to deep clean. Nesting is extremely common not just in humans! Some researchers suggest it’s due to a somewhat programmed adaptive human behavior to prepare for and protect an unborn baby, but at its core, nesting is about taking control of the environment. 

The cause is unknown but it’s usually associated with the hormonal changes that occur throughout pregnancy. 

When does nesting happen?

Estrogen levels peak in the third trimester and this could be a factor in our maternal instinct to start prepping. Estrogen has the ability to boost your physical activity and energy levels too. While it’s most common for nesting to start in the third trimester and especially closer to delivery, it’s possible to experience it throughout pregnancy or not at all.

What do I need to prepare for baby?

The most important thing is that you and your baby are safe. Decorating the nursery and organizing pantries are all nice things to do. But if doing all those things compromises you or your baby’s health (mentally or physically!) then it’s not worth it! (And always consider asking for help!)

Tips for Nesting Safely

First and foremost, follow the lead from your care provider. The feelings of nesting may be especially difficult if you’re on bed rest or not feeling well. Give yourself grace and ask for help! Take care of yourself and your baby before anything. 

1.Set Limits

It’s really easy to overdo it. Trust me. Once you start a project, you’ll start to notice and remember all the other projects. And the feeling can become borderline obsessive. You’ll want to go go go until it’s all perfect. Embrace imperfection. Set limits to protect yourself and your baby.

2. Be mindful of your feelings

Nesting is 100% normal. You might be feeling nervous, excited, unprepared, or all of the above. That’s ok! Rest if you need to rest. Take a minute to journal or write your little one a letter. Take a walk or spend some time outside lounging in the sun. Pay attention to how you’re feeling and tend to your needs as they arise. 

3. Focus on your needs

We live in a culture where expecting mothers are expected to continue on with their lives as if they aren’t completing growing a new life inside of them – having their energy drained, nutrients shared, brain power depleted – it’s crazy! Take some time to focus on you. Don’t JUST set up the nursery. Create a space in your home that’s for you that gives you joy and life. If you’re doctor is telling you to rest, ask for help!

4. Avoid risky business

You are almost at the finish line. Don’t start doing anything risky just because that shelf that hasn’t been wiped down in years needs attention. Always ask for help! Avoid toxic cleaners and open windows to keep the air as fresh as possible. 

5. Food prep

Food prepping is a nesting to do that is absolutely worth the time. You will thank your postpartum self for restocking your fridge and pantry with essentials or easy to grab snacks. Consider cooking some of your dinners in bulk and freezing the extra for meals later on. 

6. Make sure you’ve taken care of the important things

While what’s important might vary from parent to parent, there are a few things that are indisputable. Stock up the nursery with diapers, clothes, and blankers. Make sure the car seat is installed and you have what you need to feed the baby whether it’s nursing pillows and burp rags or bottles and bottle cleaners. 

Newborn Essentials

When it comes to newborn essentials, what matters most is you and your baby’s health and safety. Here are a few things that can help you and your little one adjust to your new life together. 

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February 28, 2023