Strawberry Salmon Salad with Green Pickled Strawberries

Some days it is a struggle just to feed the kids lunch. Where on your priority list does making a healthy, tasty lunch for you fall? I hear ya.

Here is an easy option, full of super foods and good protein. Have some basic ingredients on hand, and you could be eating in less than five minutes.

About some of the ingredients:

Salmon – Full of healthy fats and omega 3’s. Keep some smoked salmon on hand in the fridge, ready to eat. Lately I have been enjoying “hot smoked” salmon more than lox. I found some wild-caught hot smoked salmon at Trader Joe’s that is almost as good as the salmon my husband smokes at home.

Avocado – A great source of vitamins and fiber. It provides a creamy taste to meals without dairy. Bonus, cut up tiny bits for baby finger food or mush with the back of a spoon. (Why make separate food for them when they can enjoy the same ingredients?)

Pickled Strawberries – Fermented foods provide beneficial probiotics, great for your digestive track. Pickled green strawberries are refreshing, have a nice crunch, and a tartness to balance the sweet red berries and the creamy avocado.

green strawberry pickles

Baby Kale – Try replacing your regular salad with “baby” dark greens for extra nutrients. Say what you will about plastic, but buying pre-washed bags or boxes of baby greens is a time saver that makes the difference between eating salad or not. (They are also great for throwing into green smoothies.)

Strawberry Salmon Salad Recipe

  • Baby kale or mixed baby dark greens or “power greens”
  • Smoked salmon
  • Strawberries
  • Green strawberry pickles
  • Avocado
  • Capers
  • A light vinaigrette such as Brianna’s Blush Wine (because you could make one from scratch, but….)

Feel free to substitute, add or delete ingredients. I’m not a raw onion fan, but red onion or shallots might be nice. Other protein sources like sliced hard boiled egg, left over meat or chickpeas would also be good. Enjoy!

Abby Burd

Abby Burd

Abby is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist at Burd Psychotherapy in San Diego, CA. She specializes in Perinatal Mental Health, which includes mood and anxiety disorders, trauma and loss. In her free time she occasionally blogs at Baby Bird’s Farm and Cocina, where she shares adventures in natural parenting, urban homesteading and seasonal cooking. She is the proud mama to two girls, born in 2013 and 2011.

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July 18, 2014