007 Reasons Dads Who Use Baby Carriers are Definitely Masculine

We love our baby carrying dads!  Recently, babywearing dads have gotten some flack, but we’re here to tell you that some of our favorite humans are babywearing dads.   Daniel Craig and Chris Evans sure know how modern parenting looks, in fact, we love the “BOND”-ing aspect of men carrying kids. Let’s re-write the story together. We share the dream that someday this won’t be an issue.  But until then, Piers Morgan, want to tell this dad babywearing is emasculating?


001 “Bond”-ing

Moms have boobs, dads have baby carriers. Seriously though, babywearing is such a wonderful way for dads to nurture and bond with their little ones.  They can even easily practice skin-to-skin, which is incredibly beneficial to baby. It’s such an empowering feeling for dads knowing that they are an integral partner in nurturing the new addition to the family. Dads that understand raising children isn’t “women’s work or babysitting,” can

experience a wonderful bonding experience with their children. What a gift to be a role model as a great dad.  What’s even better than a great dad?  A great babywearing dad!

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002 Gives Mom a Break

Way to win brownie points, right?  Trust me, there’s nothing we love more than a partner that helps out with the baby duties.  When a father is comfortable wearing his baby and when his baby responds to Dad’s babywearing, it benefits everyone in the family. Mom can catch a break and take care of herself by doing something as simple as a shower, eating lunch, or short walk outside.  That way, she’s rested and recharged and she knows that babe is in good company, getting the cuddles that babe needs to thrive. And, it can be empowering for a father to know that he can provide comfort for his baby; to feel that he’s a vital part of his newly growing family; to be able to contribute to both his baby’s and his partner’s needs in a very real and valuable way.


003 Show Your Baby The World

Let’s face it, dads love sharing their world with their little one.  Babywearing enables dad to show baby their world from their unique perspective and vantage point.  From taking out the garbage to world travel, baby is listening and learning.  And as a bonus, because they are so close to their parent, they are in a great position to learn. Researchers have also reported that carried babies show enhanced visual and auditory alertness.  Where in the world will babywearing take you?

004 Get A Workout

The best baby carrier for dad enables you to get your workout in too!  You are carrying an extra 7-45lbs, great way to get in some squats or other (approved) workouts and the added weight and resistance gives you a boost.  Icing on the proverbial cake, you’re nurturing baby too. Win-win.

005 Adventure Dad

A baby carrier for dad is the best way to go on adventures.  Traveling, hiking, navigating the airport with ease, fairs and theme parks, taking the subway or train, a scenic boat ride, taking on the world! Adventures made possible by babywearing. Simply strap baby on and get out there!  A baby carrier lets you do you, dad.

006 Lets You Get Sh*t Done

How on earth do parents manage without babywearing?!  Babywearing allows you to care for your baby while doing the dishes, your older child’s hair, running errands, making bottles, doing work around the house, working, playing Xbox or Playstation, fighting zombies, take your kid to work day, or whatever comes up!

Photo credit: @ethanfixell

007 I’m So Sexy

Babywearing dads got mad style! Plus, there is nothing hotter than a babywearing dad. Trust us on this one.

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